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Commercial Office Cleaning: Nottingham, Derby & Mansfield

Office Cleaning in Nottingham, Mansfield, Derby, and Chesterfield. We provide cleaning in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire areas


Mercury Cleaning Solutions provides professional and reliable contract commercial cleaning solutions to areas in the East Midlands including Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield. Our solutions incorporate office and light industrial cleaning, window cleaning, and the provision of paper consumables. Our services allow one trusted provider for several needs.

At Mercury Cleaning Solutions, we realise that the decision of which contract cleaner to choose can be difficult. What differentiates one provider from the other? We have a mission statement of “Provide a reliable commercial cleaning service that will bring value to the client’s cleaning budget”. We take this mission very seriously and have incorporated Cleaning Science, Customer Service, and Client Satisfaction into our company culture.

We have developed a mantra for all our employees to follow so they know if they are effectively fulfilling our mission and embodying our company culture.


Cleaning Science
Customer Service
Client Satisfaction
Cleaning Science

The three components of cleaning are chemicals, equipment, and personnel. We identify the right combination to produce an efficient, value-for-money, quality service. The methodology used includes the production of site maps combined with performance specifications to produce commercial cleaning schedules. It is the use of our schedules that ensures we provide a quality service.

Customer Service

At Mercury Cleaning Solutions, customer service is our number one priority with an additional focus on providing a cost-effective and reliable cleaning service. We have a team of dedicated cleaners, each of whom know what is important to their customers and whose appraisals are directly related to their customers’ satisfaction. A manager is always easily contactable, ensuring that the customer is receiving only the highest standard of work.

Client Satisfaction

We understand everybody's needs are different. This is why we develop a tailored performance specification at the beginning of each contract. We also realise things change, which is why we pride ourselves on keeping our specifications dynamic; we can adapt as your needs change. From the first day of trading we have always believed the easiest contract to sell is the one you already have, it’s why taking care of our clients is so important to us.

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Mohan Business Centre Tamworth Road Long Eaton NG10 1BE

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T: 01623 721 048 E: info@mercurycs.co.uk

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