Are Your Office Cleaners Doing a Good Job?

With responsibility comes the need to prioritise tasks. As a result, assessing the performance of your office cleaners can often fall by the wayside – but it needn’t.

Whilst there may be more pressing issues at hand, if you’re spending money on commercial cleaners, you need to ensure that your investment is bringing about positive results. After all, no business succeeds without ensuring that all expenditure is completely justified.

How, though, do you ensure that your office cleaners are performing to a high-standard in a quick and efficient manner that has minimal impact on your day-to-day responsibilities? Don’t worry; with these straightforward tips, you can easily tell if your cleaners are money well spent, or if it’s time to award the contract to another office cleaning company:

Check when your cleaners arrive

Are the cleaners assigned to your office prompt and punctual? This is a basic requirement of any employee so it’s entirely reasonable that’d you’d expect the same of your cleaners.

So, keep tabs on when your cleaners are arriving each day and ensure that they’re consistently on time.

Get to know your cleaners

A good commercial cleaning company knows that consistency is important. Not just in terms of cleaning, but personnel too.

This means that the same cleaners should be visiting your office regularly. Yes, there will be times when it will be necessary for different individuals to fulfil your contract to cover holidays, sickness etc. but you should, ultimately, be able to get to know the people responsible for cleaning your office.

This is important as your cleaners should know your offices inside and out to do the best job possible.

Check the fine details

Often, we don’t really look at our surroundings and, as a result, it’s all too easy to see a space as being clean when it actually isn’t. Spend a few extra minutes to really take in your surroundings and look at the small details like door handles, surfaces and the corners of rooms. Are they grubby to the touch? Do they look like they need a bit more TLC? A good commercial cleaning company/cleaner knows that it’s these fine details that really make an office look spick and span.

Take a look in your cleaning supplies cupboard

Organisation is key here. Is your cleaning cupboard well organised and tidy? If it isn’t, it’s unlikely your cleaners are a good investment. After all, how can you keep an entire office clean when you can’t keep a supplies cupboard organised?

By performing these simple checks, you can quickly determine whether or not your office cleaners are doing a good job and, if they’re not, get in touch with Mercury Cleaning Solutions today: we know what clean looks like!

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