How Commercial Cleaning Differs to Domestic Cleaning

As obvious as it may seem, domestic and commercial cleaners have different and distinctive briefs. Yes, they’re both responsible for keeping spaces clean and tidy, but there are several ways in which their jobs differ.

Here, then, are the biggest differences between commercial and domestic cleaners:

Their Equipment

Whilst a domestic cleaner will use equipment that is no different to that which you would use to clean your home (a standard vacuum cleaner, cloths, mops etc.) a commercial cleaner will have access to much more powerful, professional equipment.

Take cleaning chemicals, for example. As a significantly larger number of people will pass through an office than a home, it is essential that any cleaning chemicals used in a commercial environment are capable of killing a larger number of germs than something you can pick up at your local supermarket. Additionally, commercial spaces will require more intensive cleaning which is why a good commercial cleaning company must utilise professional equipment that has specifically been designed for use in offices and industrial settings.


Time is always of the essence, but this needs to be tempered with effectiveness. A good commercial cleaner will complete tasks more quickly than a domestic cleaner because of their superior equipment, because they will have more tasks to complete and because they will be probably be cleaning a much larger area.

Their Training

As well as being trained to use more powerful equipment and potentially dangerous chemicals, commercial cleaners will usually have significantly more training that those that work in exclusively residential settings. Indeed, this is one of the main reasons they are able to complete tasks so quickly.

Ultimately, many residential cleaners will not have any formal training. In their defence, it is not unreasonable to conclude that anyone that has cleaned their own home possesses the training required to work as a domestic cleaner. The same simply cannot be said for commercial cleaners who would be unable to work at the speed required or use specialised equipment without the appropriate training.

The Times They Work

In order to minimise disruption, domestic cleaners will work during the day whilst the residents of a home are likely to be at work. Commercial cleaners tend to work during the evening or even night for the same reason: they want to ensure that they do not disturb employees going about their daily activities or cause distraction.

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