Office Cleaning Tips: Why You Should Encourage Recycling

Chances are that you’ve been made aware of the environmental benefits of recycling materials like paper and plastic, but what if we were to tell you that you can utilise recycling to bring about a palpable and positive change within your business? Specifically, by making your premises cleaner, tidier and by enthusing your employees.

As the act of recycling is closely tied to environmentalism, it can inspire feelings of great dedication and passion and, by leveraging this, you can make your offices cleaner with very little effort. Better yet, it could save you money too! Here are the main reasons you should be encouraging your staff to recycle:

It reduces waste

Do you know how that half of all business waste is comprised of paper? Encouraging staff to refrain from printing documents unnecessarily as part of a recycling policy means that you’ll need to purchase less in the long run, saving you money in the process and the same can be said of numerous other consumable resources.

It’s something people can get behind

Environmentalism is something that most people care about so encouraging it in the workplace is likely to improve morale. Some people can be overly passionate, however, so make sure that they’re discouraged from being too abrasive if they observe others failing to recycle or you could find morale dropping rather than rising.

It leads to a nicer working environment

Once you’ve ensured that you have the appropriate receptacles for recycling throughout your place of work, you can phase out smaller general waste receptacles. This will make the workplace look tidier and has also been shown to reduce the likelihood of employees eating at their desks – both of which will make your office a cleaner, nicer place.

It could make you money

Depending on what it is you do and the materials you work with every day, it’s entirely possible that some of what you’re throwing away could be something that another company is willing to pay you money for. Just get Googling and check if any of the materials your company handles are worth anything and, if they are, make sure you create a dedicated recycling space for them.

It’s good PR

Granted, not everyone agrees that environmentalism is necessary, but very few people view it negatively meaning that being able to claim your company is environmentally-friendly is, all-in-all, a good thing; it’ll portray you in a positive light and is likely to win you new customers.

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