The Benefits of Hiring an Office Cleaner

We think that every business needs an office cleaner. We would say that, of course, but there is plenty of objective data and research to support our claim. What’s more, plain old armchair logic and common sense backs our opinion, too! Here are our top five reasons for hiring an office cleaner:

  1. Increased Productivity

Improved productivity is the holy grail for most businesses. Research has indicated that most employees operate at just 60% capacity 90% of the time so it’s not hard to imagine what your business could achieve if the majority of your workforce were inspired to make a little more effort.

So, when we tell you that a recent survey of employees discovered that an enormous 90% of them felt they were more productive in a clean environment, we’re confident you’ll sit up and take notice.

  1. Less Sickness

The cleaner an environment, the less likely it is that those that inhabit it will get sick; it’s simple and undeniable logic. Whilst full-time employees will spend more of their waking hours in their office than anywhere else, though, there are still companies that fail to recognise that a clean workplace will reduce sickness, save them money and keep projects on track.

  1. Improve Your Image

Your office says a lot about you. Argue that performance is more important than appearance all you like; it doesn’t matter – you will lose out on business if you’re customer facing and you operate from an untidy and unkempt location.

  1. Reduced Stress

Rarely do we think of clutter, untidiness and mess as major contributors to stress, but any psychologist worth their salt will tell you just how harmful they are to our mental health.

Untidy environments lead to employees feeling stressed because excessive stimuli forces their brains to work overtime. This, in turn, prevents them from focusing on the task at hand, causing them to fall behind with their work and becoming, you guessed it, stressed.

Keep the workplace clean and tidy and your employees will be happier and more focussed.

  1. High Standards

Trust us, assigning cleaning duties to staff via a rota is the stuff of nightmares. They’ll have little enthusiasm for the task and it’ll show in the results. Plus, let’s not forget that they have other roles to fulfil and cleaning is unlikely to be the most efficient use of their time. A professional cleaner will be quicker and will provide a consistently high-level of service that someone employed for a different reason simply cannot!

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